Friday, February 27, 2015

Kiss Me I'm Irish Chocolate Suckers

One of the best things about St. Patrick's Day is that we get to claim we are Irish...even if we are not. (The kissing is not bad either...but I guess that depends on who you talk to.)

Here's what you need:
Cellophane Bags (4in x 6in)
Candy Melts (we used Red and Bright Pink)
twine or ribbon

Just melt your chocolate following the directions on the bag. Place your sticks in the mold so that it goes about to the middle of the lips. Pour or spoon your chocolate into the molds and then lightly tap to even out the chocolate. We placed it all in the freezer and they were done in about 15-20 minutes. They can then be placed in the baggies and tied up with twine and the cute tag. 

These cute chocolate suckers are so easy to make and really fun to pass out to those you love! Better wear plenty of lip gloss!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

DIY Citrus Stamped Wrapping Paper

So excited to have Jessica from Two Shades of Pink back contributing for us for another year. All I have to do is think about her and my heart is happy. She's so extremely creative and constantly spreading love and kindness. She's definitely one of a kind and we are so lucky to have her as part of the eighteen25 team! 


I know what you're thinking.  It's February and I have this summery, citrus themed diy to share today. But my reasoning is this...winter has been hard on so many and I think we could use some glimpses of summertime right about now. And I honestly have warm weather stuff on the brain since I live in Florida and the worst winter weather we experienced was last Thursday when I finally had to turn on the heat because it was 34 degrees outside. For like one day. I'm such a wimp. That's cold for us year round flip flop wearers. Yesterday it was 81. But I digress before you start wanting to hurt me for rubbing it in. :)

So. I have this thing for citrus. I have a particular affection for all things lemon. I thought it would be fun to make some happy wrapping paper since packaging is my heart. I planned on going to the craft stores to hunt down a ready made stamp but it never happened. I'm lazy. I figured I could make my own and wing it. I'm actually excited about how it turned out. 

Materials: craft foam, scrap cardstock, a piece of wood to create your stamp, scissors, hot glue gun, paint (orange, yellow, and lime green), paint brush, a petal paper punch (optional), and white kraft paper. I found mine at Michael's where the packaging and wrapping supplies are.

(See photo above) I cut out a circle from craft foam and then cut out the inside to make the outer edge of the stamp. You could trace a cup but I wasn't looking for perfection so I free handed the circle.

Next I used a petal shaped paper punch with scrap card stock to use as a template for the inside of my citrus slice.  I wanted it to look imperfect so I cut the petals into irregular, rounded triangle shapes. 

My hubby cut some scrap wood and I hot glued my shape to it creating a custom stamp for my project.

I unrolled the white kraft paper on the floor and anchored it on both ends so it would lay flat. Using a paintbrush and paint (instead of ink), I  painted the stamp first and then randomly stamped all over the paper. I started with yellow, then orange, then green. I am kicking myself for not adding pink (duh!) to have pretty grapefruit in the mix. Next time

I experimented with different shades of the colors too and gently washed the stamps in between colors. When you have filled the paper, let it dry, roll it up and you have made custom wrapping paper! My kids got into it too and I love that you could make this for any holiday or event. Letting your kids get creative would make it so special for grandparents and friend's birthday parties too.

For some extra cuteness, I painted "so sweet" over and over on a basic sheet of white paper. (Great for tiny boxes!) I coordinated the handmade paper with green striped paper and it looks perfect together. Add some orange twine and you have adorably coordinated packages. 

Of course, I couldn't resist adding a pom pom lemon with little felt leaves as a topper. :)

Thanks for letting me share some more crafty fun with you this month. Everyone stay warm and dream of sunny days filled with lazy, hammock swinging, flip flops, and a glass of lemonade in your hand. It's coming soon!


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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

St. Patricks Day Treat Bags

Here's a simple little St. Patrick's Day Treat Bag that takes only a few minutes to put together. I think it's always fun to have a little something for the kids on all the holidays, but it doesn't have to cost a lot of money or big a big production every time. 

- Small Green Paper Sacks (found these at Michaels)
- Glittered Foam Shamrocks (found these at Michaels)
- Gold Glitter Ribbon (found ours at Michaels) 
We ended up using the ribbon instead of the twine pictured
- Hole Punch
- Candy, Small Toys (found our green candy and coins at Party City)

Just fill your bags with treats and candy.  Then fold over about the top inch of the bag and hole punch two holes in the center leaving about 1/4 - 1/2 inch between the holes. Take your ribbon and put one end through one hole and the other end through the other hole from the front of the bag to the back. Cross the ribbon ends and slide them back through the opposite hole now from the back of the bag to the front. Trim the ends making them even. Stick your foam shamrock onto the center of the bag and you are done.


Set the table and put one on each plate for your family. Or they would be cute for classmates and friends at school or church. :)